WESSLING – Your Attractive Employer

We are a modern company and service provider selling knowledge-based services. The knowledge, skills and commitment of our personnel are our greatest assets. Education and training of all personnel form the basis for our future. As a knowledgeable company we greatly value the continuous advancement and ongoing development of each and everyone, qualification as well as national and international know-how transfer.

People from over 40 different professions such as chemists, biologists, agronomists, mineralogists and engineers are engaged hand in hand at WESSLING. 

Our employees and management highly identify with the goals and objectives of our company and their services, and can be characterised by their strive for constant development.

We care for a participative management style. Trust and the quality of communication are essential for us. Our management guidelines reflect our common system of values and represent our culture of communicating with each other:

Regular training and the support of one’s individual development and options keep the company up-to-date and provide a high identification with it. We want to offer a long-term perspective at the company to all our personnel and support their individual development within our corporate framework. Our employees are involved in our decision-making and given distinct responsibilities. We believe that an enjoyable working atmosphere and climate support motivation and contentedness. 

We actively oppose all kind of discrimination, no matter the cause. We regard diversity as enriching for our company.

In addition to your professional qualifications, these qualities would fit to us:

  • Team spirit
  • The ability to learn
  • A keen attitude towards communication
  • Candidness
  • Holistic thinking
  • Above-average commitment

If your qualifications are in line with WESSLING, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

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