Family-owned business WESSLING

All shares remain in the Wessling family

Dr. Erwin Wessling, founder of our family-owned business has now transferred the remaining shares to the second generation, i.e. to Diana, Julia, Anna and Florian Wessling. In a first step, he had already transferred parts of the shares to them; now the four of them hold 100 percent of the company´s shares.

Thus, we have completed the strategic succession process, ensuring that the company keeps its character as a family-owned business. Dr Erwin Wessling will continue to accompany the company's strategic course as head of the advisory board. The four shareholders are also involved in the company's operational activities, being responsible for different sections within the WESSLING Group. Dr Stephan Simon (Finance, Sales and Marketing) and Dr Heinrich Ruholl (Production and Technology) are in charge of the management of the international WESSLING Group. They accompanied the succession process and continue their work in close cooperation with the shareholders.

Founder of the family-owned business Dr Erwin Wessling and the shareholders Julia, Anna, Diana and Florian Wessling

Background information

Since its foundation in 1983, the WESSLING Group has been continuously growing. Industry, commerce, service providers, trade and public authorites trust our specialits' expertise. All with the aim to make a contribution to safe and high-quality products, for the environment, climate, resources and energy, and for people's health. More than 1200 employees are operating for a better quality of life in Germany, France, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Russia, Italy, China and Switzerland.

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