Changes in Food Law Also Affect German Imported Goods

Food Safety in China: Regulations Significantly Extended

Recently the new version of the food safety law became affective. The regulations were significantly extended, from 104 sections to 154. The new version contains stricter controls and more stringent punitive measures in relation to food safety risk.

Those amendments concern in particular the product liability for online sales and specific products, such as baby food. In addition, there will be more requirements for labelling and higher sanctions for law violations.

The new controls are targeted at re-establishing Chinese’ trust in domestic products.

Law enforcement also affets German imported goods

In addition to Chinese companies, foreign food importers are also affected by this law enforcement. Sales of imported food (also from Germany) are increasing. German food products, in particular, are regarded as safe and of high quality in China and therefore in high demand. China is one of the most important foreign markets for the German food industry, with German milk, dairy products and alcoholic beverages being very popular in China.

Thanks to their location in Shanghai, our WESSLING food experts are also repre-sented on-site in China. In addition to consulting, audits, inspections and sampling prior to shipping, they also provide laboratory analysis in compliance with Chinese and European standards.

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