Environmental analysis and consulting


Our Soil – The Basis for Life for Future Generations

Our soil has formed over long geological periods of time and is one of the most important assets of our environment that we should protect. WESSLING promotes the diversity and functionality of soils. We understand contaminated site management and land recycling as an investment in the future. Besides, the property market has an increasing number of areas at its disposal that were formerly used for commercial and industrial purposes. To “revitalise” these locations, our experts like geologists and mineralogists, engineers, chemists and biologists cooperate in interdisciplinary teams. As an independent service provider we advise our customers in the sectors of contaminated sites and land recycling, redevelopment and geology, refitting of building stock and industrial sites, and soil and ground water protection. To manage these various tasks we have a number of outstanding options at our disposal, such as aerial photo analysis/war damage research, geo-information systems, individual data management, and chemical analysis.

Our Services in the Area of Soil

  • Soil Remediation
  • Environmental Site Assessment