Soils and groundwater are among the most important resources in our environment that require protection.

The existence of pollutants or contaminants, for instance in the vicinity of a disused factory, or in the event of acute contamination must be determinable safely and precisely. This is the only way to evaluate the potential danger of the area and to ensure that the requisite measures are taken to remedy the situation.

Environmental analysis and laboratory services comprise expert sampling and qualified analyses, both in the field and in the laboratory, forming the basis of subsequent systematic decisions.

Besides standard parameters such as heavy metals or mineral oils, these tests can also comprise more exotic contaminants, such as explosives, pesticides and dioxins, etc.

The personnel at WESSLING Laboratories have at their disposal the requisite equipment and knowledge and above all, many years of experience, with which to support you in gaining the upper hand over soil and groundwater contamination.

This also applies to all preventative environmental protection measures.

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