IFS Broker - here comes Version 3

Retailers, watch out: the IFS Broker is currently being revised. The changes and additions to the new version will have an impact on the quality management systems of trading agencies, intermediaries and importers. Version 2 has been valid since October 2013.

Food must be correctly labelled on packaging.

The new draft of the IFS Broker Version 3 will include requirements for areas such as food fraud and, additionally, specify and add to many existing requirements. For certified retailers, this results in indispensable adjustments and optimisations of their existing QM systems. These have to be carefully developed and implemented.

Our experts at WESSLING for quality management in the food sector are familiar with the requirements of the IFS Broker and will be happy to instruct you in it. We support you in developing the new requirements for your company and their subsequent implementation.

Background: Broker is the IFS for companies that trade mainly in food, packaging or HPC (Household and Personal Care) products. The quality standard is therefore mainly aimed at intermediaries and importers. Its launch in 2009 closed a gap in the chain from producer to retailer or trading house for uniform product quality and safety.