Introducing energy management systems: cutting costs and saving energy

A functioning energy management system (EnMS) conforming to DIN EN ISO 50001 is an effective instrument for companies, providing a way of systematically increasing energy efficiency and reducing energy costs at the same time.

Wessling energy concepts

We help companies to introduce an energy management system and integrate it into their processes. In addition to the reduction in energy costs, some companies with an energy management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 50001 also benefit from tax concessions and government subsidy schemes.

Our services for your industry

WESSLING provides individual service packages that are tailored to the needs of your company.

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Integration of energy management systems in your business processes

Our experts insist that your energy management system is fit for purpose and work on the principle that it is geared to the relevant business practices and industrial applications. An efficient energy management system not only meets the legal requirements but it is also well integrated into the company processes and has the fundamental backing of the employees involved.

Your contact person on issues relating to energy management

„We will help you to set up systems and processes for your company. Not only will you cut your energy costs but you will also lessen the impact on the environment.“

Your route to greater energy efficiency and cost optimisation

The WESSLING energy experts will offer you a pragmatic solution for the introduction of an energy management system which will allow you to stay focused on your core business. We will help you both with the customisation of a stand-alone solution and with its incorporation in an integrated management system.

By combining our management know-how with the specific process expertise of your employees, we will systematically increase the energy efficiency of your company and reduce your energy costs.

Once your energy management system is in place, we will also be happy to offer you support in maintaining the relevant standards. You decide the extent to which you want to delegate responsibility – we will provide the level of support which you require and will gladly also help with the process of updating the entries in the legal register.

Comprehensive advice on tax relief

The implementation of an energy management system conforming to DIN EN ISO 50001 will exempt your company, as a non-SME (not a small or medium-sized enterprise), from the mandatory preparation of an energy audit in accordance with DIN EN 16247-1. This will allow you to benefit from tax relief through the peak equalisation regulation (SpaEfV) or the special equalisation scheme (BesAR). We will also be happy to advise and support you in these matters.

Our services in all aspects of energy management

  • Strategic advice on the introduction and implementation of energy management systems
  • Support with the implementation and maintenance of your energy management system
  • Organisation of workshops (e.g. for the development of EnPIs in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50006)
  • Support with the development and implementation of energy efficiency measures
  • Preparation of management documentation
  • Execution of internal audits
  • Preparation and updating of legal registers
  • Support with official applications and contact with public authorities

News briefing from the WESSLING energy experts

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