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Our GMP-certified laboratories at the Münster and Budapest locations are partners for pharmaceutical companies, producers of active ingredients, excipient and finished medicinal products, and hospital pharmacies.

Medicines in GMP laboratory of WESSLING for pharmaceutical analysis

Our customers also include the cosmetics, medical product and food supplement sectors. Our laboratory in Münster, which is also inspected by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, US authority for food and pharmaceuticals), has a total area of 1,000 sqm and offers you complete solutions for microbiological and chemical-physical testing.

We provide our customers with fast, professional and reliable services within the scope of microbiological and chemical-physical quality control, including stability storage and testing of pharmaceuticals and medical products. We test pharmaceutical raw materials and finished medicinal products in all dosage forms (solid forms, semi-solid forms and liquids) under GMP conditions.

All activities carried out in our pharmaceutical unit, such as analyses, method development and project implementation, are conducted in compliance with the specifications of the EU GMP guidelines and in compliance with cGMP. In addition, approximately twenty annual customer-based audits, undertaken at the Münster location, ensure the quality and worldwide acceptance of our services. Moreover, both laboratory locations in Münster and Budapest have a LINK (Manufacturing Authorisation according to §13 AMG).

Interdisciplinary and international

WESSLING testet medizinisches Cannabis

With over 120 highly qualified employees in Münster and Budapest, we support the pharmaceutical industry and hospital pharmacies in the development, quality control and stability storage and testing of pharmaceuticals and medical products. This interdisciplinary and international cooperation enables us to offer our services quickly, flexibly and at the highest level, particularly in the areas of microbiological and chemical-physical testing.

Our experts at WESSLING offer pharmaceutical quality control as a full service, including batch certification and release by our QPs. Our experts are also experienced in handling cytostatics and narcotics. As GMP-certified testing laboratories, we remain subject to constant monitoring by the competent authorities.

In addition, the laboratories at both locations have a manufacturing authorisation according to Section 13 AMG. Our laboratories have an EU import permit for pharmaceuticals from non-EU countries. This enables us to conduct release testing with QP certification for our partners (EU Batch Release Service). In addition, we have a permit for handling narcotics according to Section 3 of the German Narcotics Act (BtMG), e.g., for quality control testing of cannabis products.

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