Environment Due Diligence Audit (EDDA)

Environmental risks during mergers and acquisitions

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With the gradual improvement of Chinese National environmental protection laws and regulations, investment risks in firms caused by regulation compliance and environment pollution of targeted assets need to be more cautiously considered and calculated during M&A and decision making.

WESSLING can assess the risks fully in terms of health & safety and environmental aspects, allowing investors and sells to avoid hidden investment risks, Experts from all relevant fields are brought together in special teams depending on your project requirements. In the case of larger transactions, our superregional structures allow parallel operations at several sites.

EDDA Phase I – EHS compliance audit

In Phase I we will check all the available documents relevant to your project, one standard check list including more than 160 checking points related to EHS permits, licenses, governance and management system will be carefully going through, if necessary, one customized checklist will be made considering customer’s concern.

We will also conduct a site visit to assess the on-site situation. As far as possible, our experts will assess the financial risks based on the insights gained in Phase I. If the relevant documents and site visits do not provide sufficient information to assess the risks, we may need to conduct the more in-depth Phase II analyses with regard to particular issues.

EDDA Phase II – Environmental Site Assessment

The Phase II work are more in-depth than those in Phase I. Information is gathered by way of public authority enquiries, technical data and documents, analyses of buildings for contaminants, and sampling of emissions, soil and groundwater. The facts gleaned in this phase back up the results already obtained and help to assess and limit monetary risks.

Our range of portfolio

  • Law or local regulation compliance check on EHS aspects
  • EHS governance check
  • Waste management check (Noise, waste water, air emission, Occupational exposure of hazardous substances)
  • Waste treatment facility assessment
  • Site history study
  • Current situation of the target plant
  • Soil, groundwater, emissions and building contaminants sampling and analysis in area of concern

Benefits for you

You benefit from the extensive experience in Due diligence of our superregional group and from our professional expertise in this field. We can guarantee you fast and flexible services tailored to your requirements and fitting in with your project schedule and the milestones you want to achieve.

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