Effective and economical fire prevention for companies

There are many different fire hazards, and companies of all kinds are at risk of fire. Effective fire prevention measures and legally compliant fire safety systems must be put in place to protect people, property and assets.

Entrance to an office building for which WESSLING is developing fire safety systems.

Employers and property owners are responsible for ensuring compliance with the statutory fire regulations and for putting the required measures in place. Our trained fire safety experts will draw up fire safety plans and will advise you on all aspects of the designs. We also ensure that fire safety systems are appropriate for the building in any given case and are economically viable with due consideration for environmental protection. They may reduce insurance costs, for example.

Fire safety systems designed by WESSLING

As trained fire safety experts, our engineers also keep the needs of the fire brigade in mind. They maintain your supply availability and delivery capability at all times. WESSLING can provide you with all the relevant support and advise you on all fire safety issues:

  • Evaluation and planning of technical, structural and organisational fire prevention measures
  • Development of relevant offset and compensation measures
  • Restoration plans and construction site management
  • Digitisation of construction plans to CAD files (fire alarm plans, emergency exit and escape route plans and fire brigade response plans)
  • Fire prevention in production plants

Our services for your industry

WESSLING provides individual service packages that are tailored to the needs of your company.

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Efficient fire prevention in production plants

Production plant with fire safety plan

A professionally custom-designed fire safety system reduces the risk of fire breaking out during routine operations and the resulting danger to life and limb. In addition to guaranteeing personal protection, material assets must also be safeguarded. This is because 70 per cent of companies hit by fire are forced to close down.

Systematic fire prevention plans: partitions minimise damage

A well-planned fire prevention system has a beneficial bearing on the consequential costs of a fire which can be considerable. Even relatively small sources of fire can cause extensive damage in large complexes in the absence of fire barriers, potentially necessitating large-scale clean-up operations. WESSLING develops economical fire safety solutions which will safeguard your supply availability and delivery capability.

Your contact person on issues relating to fire safety

„We keep fire protection affordable. Our top priorities are to ensure the safety of the users and the protection of the production facilities.“