Biogas: analysis and optimisation for your operation

The WESSLING experts are constantly working to improve the yield of biogas plants.

In order to constantly ensure progress in the field of biogas analysis, we are innovative and have been supporting farmers and biogas plant operators with new, credible solutions for many years. WESSLING offers a unique range of services for increasing the efficiency of your biogas plant and thus the potential energy yield.  The most recent example of how we are innovative is the patented BagFerm procedure for analysing your fermentation substrate.

Input, bioreactor and digestate analysis – biogas analyses for each application

Our service portfolio ranges from input, bioreactor and digestate analysis to fermentation tests. Operational safety is ensured through gas leak detection, emission measurements and raw gas analysis. Determination of the biogas yield, key figures and the mass balance round off our range of services. Nationally and internationally, WESSLING is therefore one of a handful of service providers that can offer their customers such a comprehensive range of biogas analysis services.

Our services in the field of biogas and biogas plants

  • Consulting and planning
  • Energy consulting
  • Analysis and evaluation of input materials
  • Bioreactor substrate analysis
  • Assessment of bioreactor biology
  • Digestate residue analyses
  • Analysis of trace elements
  • Gas leak detection with special camera
  • Raw gas analysis
  • Emission and formaldehyde measurements (leak detection)
  • BagFerm – innovative determination of the biogas yield
  • Plant efficiency check

Transport and safe preservation of biogas samples

We have developed a simple preservation technique so that your sample reaches our laboratories in the best condition possible. Good sample material is the prerequisite for reliable analysis results. The contents of organic acids in the sample can change significantly within a few hours. To transport your sample, we therefore provide you with a perfect preservative to which you simply add to the sample.

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News from our range of services

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biogas plant and maize field

WESSLING receives patent for innovative analytical method BagFerm

BagFerm is an experimental biogas plant on a scale of 1:1000, in which the efficiency of the fermentation substrate can be precisely determined. This well thought-out idea of WESSLING is now patented.

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WESSLING will get a new owner

We would like to inform you that on March 25th the WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG signed an agreement to transfer ownership to ALS Limited.

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Cows eating hay after feed analysis.

safety and quality for animal food

Feed analysis

Feed is the most important resource in livestock farming. As a manufacturer of feed or animal food, trust in our analysis know-how and competent evaluations of your products for quality assurance. This will help you establish the prerequisites for healthy and productive animals.

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Tractor distributes organic fertilizer on a field

Optimised harvest results

Analysis of farm manure

WESSLING determines the nutrient content of your farm manure. Use our analysis results as the basis for a specific fertilisation strategy, and therefore optimise your harvest yield. We provide you with the precise nutrient values of your contents, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

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Two piglets drinking from a trough

Water analysis by WESSLING

Good drinking water quality for healthy and productive animals

The analysis of drinking water is a prerequisite for safeguarding the animal stock. Commission WESSLING to analyse your drinking water for increased security. Our analysis results will enable you to detect possible contamination or pathogens in good time and thus protect your livestock.

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