WESSLING will get a new owner

We would like to inform you that on March 25th the WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG signed an agreement to transfer ownership to ALS Limited. The completion of the acquisition is subject to approval from European authorities which is expected to take 45-60 days. 

WESSLING is an independent laboratory, testing and consulting company with 1200 coworkers in 22 locations in Germany, France, Switzerland and Romania. As today´s dynamic market environment requires substantial investments, the WESSLING shareholders have decided to step aside and find a new owner that ensures long-term growth for the company and its employees. 

With ALS, WESSLING has found an investor that has been successful on the international market and same business lines as WESSLING for more than 45 years, with a footprint covering over 430 locations in 70 countries to date. However, ALS is hardly represented in the markets of the WESSLING Group which offers the purchaser a very good opportunity to grow into these markets. Furthermore, ALS and WESSLING share strong similar company values, which is a major aspect for the shareholders to choose ALS. The WESSLING reputation for quality and service aligns with ALS´ dedication to a client-centered approach.

Upon completion of the agreement, ALS and WESSLING teams will be working on a smooth transition to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The well known qualitative and personal service will stay the same level of excellence and reliability that our customers have come to expect. 

About ALS Limited

A global leader in testing, ALS provides comprehensive testing solutions to clients in a wide range of industries around the world. Using state-of-the-art technologies and innovative methodologies, dedicated international teams deliver highest-quality testing services and personalized solutions supported by local expertise. ALS helps clients leverage the power of data-driven insights for a safer and healthier world.