IFS Food or IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry for egg packing stations

Many companies in the food industry expect to gain a competitive advantage by implementing different standards for the safety and quality of their products. The same applies to egg packing stations: most of them can already be registered according to the standards of KAT, Verein für kontrollierte alternative Tierhaltungsformen e.V. (Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry).

IFS Food Standard form for assessing the quality and safety of foods

In addition, industry and trade often expect egg packing stations not only to comply with legal requirements, but also to show additional commitment in product conformity and process optimisation. In most cases, the requirements of the IFS (International Featured Standard) are cited.

For egg packing centres that supply more than 15 million eggs per year and have a KAT certificate, there is even the obligation to obtain additional IFS certification. For many of these companies, however, the question then arises as to which of the IFS standards must be implemented in the company. The Association for Controlled Alternative Animal Husbandry provides a choice between IFS Food or IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry.

Selection and implementation of the optimal standard

Our food safety experts possess extensive expertise and experience in both IFS Food and IFS Wholesale / Cash & Carry. They provide egg packing stations with hands-on advice. For an effective approach, it is essential to take a close look at the specifications of each standard. In this way, the appropriate standard can be selected for your individual egg packing centre to meet your individual standards, and by taking into account company-specific distribution channels and customer expectations.

From planning the introduction to the implementation of the selected standard, our experts will support you with their experience, through as-is analysis and by establishing a QM system in your company. In addition to individual on-site consulting, our services also include the testing and implementation of your existing QM systems with the corresponding QM documentation.

We support the planning and elaboration of risk assessments, hazard analyses and hygiene concepts. Our experts accompany egg packing centres during their audit - the last step on the way to IFS certification. Once the standard has been successfully introduced, we will continue to support our customers in maintaining and improving it.