Freshly baked at the push of a button

Recently, the WESSLING laboratory for food analysis at Altenberge was equipped with a professional baking station for bread and rolls. This appliance, also known as an in-store baking oven, can now be found in many food retailers’ shops.

Laborantin von WESSLING befüllt Backautomaten
Laboratory technician Angela Töller with the new professional baking station of WESSLING

This way, our food safety experts at WESSLING are able to provide both producers and traders of bakery products with even more detailed services. Semi-finished products and raw dough pieces are professionally baked according to customer specifications. Whether bread, rolls, croissants, baguettes or pretzels - both sweet and savoury products can be baked in the automatic baking oven with the appropriate programme settings. It is also possible to choose between radial fan and high performance steam injection.

In addition, our range of services in the WESSLING laboratories also includes sensory, microbiological and chemical tests for the goods after the baking process. In this way, our customers can be sure that no undesirable substances, such as acrylamide, were produced during baking. At the same time, it is possible to check whether the product complies with all the producer's specifications.