Voluntary aid for Notre-Dame

The employees of WESSLING France spontaneously offered to voluntarily contribute to the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral. In France, laboratory specialists of the international family-owned company WESSLING work at three locations: in Lyon, Paris and Lille.

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris

The entrepreneurial family Weßling expressed their sympathy to the employees of WESSLING France for the fire in Notre-Dame Cathedral, the great symbol of French culture. “Watching the images of this devastating fire on television shocked us,” said the spokeswoman for the family-owned company, Diana Weßling. “Fortunately, the structure of the building, with its Gothic columns, is still standing, so we sincerely hope that it will be possible to completely restore this unique architectural masterpiece.” The managing director of WESSLING France, Jean-François Campens, offered the Ministry of Culture to provide environmental analysis services at the scene of the fire, which are an important prerequisite for starting reconstruction work. Pollutants in the air, soil and building rubble must be tested and monitored. WESSLING France would like to make this voluntary contribution to the reconstruction.